Sunday, December 4, 2011

Death Star Birthday Cake

When we asked Grant what kind of cake he wanted for his 5th birthday, he said he wanted a Star Wars cake. If I was really talented that request may have resulted in a cake shaped like the Millennium Falcon or R2D2's head.

However, since I am as good at cake decorating as photosynthesis, I went a little safer route and made a Death Star cake. Still though I think it actually turned out quite nice.

Basically we just did the following:
  • Baked two circular cakes.
  • Took a can of white frosting and mixed in black food coloring until we got a nice Dark-Side-of-the-Force gray color.
  • Put the two circular cakes together with the frosting between them.
  • Used a spoon to cut out a half-sphere for the planet-destroying laser.
  • Covered the entire cake with the gray frosting.
  • Cut in lines for detail using a kitchen knife.
  • Finally placed five candles in the laser crater, all coming to one point.

Grant really loved it, especially when we lit the five candles and they made one giant flame (and then turned the neighboring Alderaan cake into crumbs).

So, if you are looking for an easy, but cool, Star Wars cake to make, the Death Star is a great option. Because the last thing you want to hear your child say on his birthday is, "I find your lack of cake disturbing."

More pics below:


  1. Fantastic! I like your sense of humor, too. I have a son turning 7 and he has requested a death star cake. This fits nicely within my cake decorating skills. Thanks for sharing!

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