Saturday, February 8, 2014

A is for ...

by Eric Curts

“A” is for “are”
“Y” is for “you”
“C” is for “cay”
and also for “cue”

“I” is for “in”
“E” is for “eye”
“S” is for “sea”
“W” is for “why”

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Confessions of a Geek Dad

When I married my wife she brought along her three young sons from her previous marriage, at that time ages two, four, and six. For the adventure I was about to walk into I could have said “Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy” both literally and figuratively.

On one hand, I was not so worried. After all I was already a father, and I felt quite a successful one at that. I had my teenage daughter from my earlier marriage, and in all honesty she had been a joy to raise. She was smart, talented, funny, and mature. This should be a piece of cake. One well mannered daughter couldn’t be too different from three small boys. Right?

Bed Hogs

Bed Hogs - The challenge of sharing a bed with one wife, three kids, a dog, and a cat

4,800 square inches. That is how big my Queen-sized bed is.

About 300 square inches. That is approximately how much space I actually have to sleep on.

You see, I have kids. And a dog. And a cat. And of course my wife. In short I have a bad case of bed hogs. Let me explain the situation...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Syrup

My syrup wishes me a good day each morning:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Death Star Birthday Cake

When we asked Grant what kind of cake he wanted for his 5th birthday, he said he wanted a Star Wars cake. If I was really talented that request may have resulted in a cake shaped like the Millennium Falcon or R2D2's head.

However, since I am as good at cake decorating as photosynthesis, I went a little safer route and made a Death Star cake. Still though I think it actually turned out quite nice.

Basically we just did the following:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Windows Calendar

Those who know my wife, know she is not the most techie person in the world. However, I was down in her office the other day and was glad to see that at least she is using Windows to keep her calendar organized.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bedtime Stories 2.0

The word "bedtime" is deceptive. It implies that there is a specific time when children simply go to bed. With three little boys there is no such thing as just going to bed.

It is more like a long, drawn-out ordeal. Better yet, it is a painful process of brushing and flushing, snacks and drinks, finding pajamas that fit, and searching for that stuffed animal my son cannot possibly, conceivably, ever sleep without, but has not idea where he threw it absent-mindedly several hours ago. By the time we finally get the boys to bed (by which I mean the third and final time they go to bed after coming down the stairs several times) we are so tired that we just want to go to sleep.

So I am always looking for anything that makes the bedtime routine go more smoothly. One of the better tactics is reading a bedtime story. It can be a great time to bond with your kids, help teach them new vocabulary and facts, stretch their imaginations, and hopefully quiet them down gently to ease them into sleep.